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Blackmore Mole Catcher

Blackmore Mole Catcher

The Essex Mole Catcher is a long established, traditional mole catching service protecting residential gardens and commercial land in Blackmore and surrounding villages.

Moles can be a gardener's nightmare, your mole hills can signal the start of a growing mole population causing unwelcome damage to lawns and mower blades.

Whether it's one mole or an army of moles damaging your land, my traditional humane methods with trapping equipment will remove all mole problems with guaranteed results.

My terms are, all moles caught or no-fee, in keeping with the highest standards in the art and craft of mole catching. If I do not eradicate your mole problem, you do not pay.

When considering which mole catcher to use always make sure that it's ALL moles caught or no fee and not just no mole no fee, otherwise you could be wasting your money.

It's unwise to pay a mole catcher any kind of up front fee, if nothing is caught, you could be out of pocket!

Always see evidence a mole catcher has caught moles, credible mole catchers will automatically volunteer this for any client.

The Essex Mole Catcher is fully guaranteed and stake my reputation on each job.

I am long established, RSPH accredited and DBS security checked, ensuring you're in safe mole catching hands!

To book my mole catching service for Blackmore, please contact me under no obligation to discuss how a mole treatment works, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Where I Work
I cover all of Essex & Hertfordshire and will not be beaten on service.
I will happily travel the extra mile for any client in need of my mole catching skills.
A one-off 'Mole Course' or annual mole catching contracts are available for Blackmore and throughout Essex.
  • Residential Gardens
  • Stately Homes
  • Sports Pitches
  • Race Courses
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools
  • Local Authority Land
  • Agricultural Land
  • Cemeteries
  • Pub Gardens
  • Paddocks

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