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The Essex Mole Catcher service is owned and managed by Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd.

1. The frequency of visits and cost of the 'Mole Course' will be agreed with 'The Client' prior to any mole control commencing.

2. All trap locations are displayed with markers, 'The Client' will be shown each marker and informed of the total number of traps set.

3. Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd, are not responsible for any injuries whatsoever, if the mole traps are touched or tampered with. It is advisable to let all persons know who have access to treatment areas that mole control is ongoing. All persons and pets must keep away from treatment areas and must not touch traps or markers.

4. In the rare and unlikely event mole traps are removed or tampered with or markers moved or removed, Essex & Herts Pest Control Ltd reserve the right to terminate the mole course immediately. 'The Client' will be invoiced for visits to date.

5. 'The Client' will be kept updated with progress of the mole course on each visit and with evidence of caught moles.

6. Payment is due on completion subject to all moles caught, in keeping with our 'All moles caught or no fee policy'. We accept credit card, debit card or cash. (Cheques are no longer accepted.)


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