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The Essex Mole Catcher is a all moles caught or no fee, traditional mole catching service, restoring lawns and gardens throughout Essex. 

Moles can be a gardener's nightmare, whether it's one mole or an army of moles damaging your land, my traditional humane methods with trapping equipment will remove all mole problems with a guarantee on completion.

I stake my reputation on each job and my terms are in keeping with the highest standards in the art and craft of mole catching, it's all moles caught or no fee!  If I do not eradicate your mole problem, you do not pay.

The Essex Mole Catcher is long established, fully accredited and DBS security checked, ensuring you're in safe mole catching hands at all times. I also offer a professional wasp and hornet nest removal service protecting homes and businesses. All wasp and hornet work is fully guaranteed.

Finding a reliable mole catcher can be a bit of a minefield, here are four typical problems my clients tell me they have come up against in the past.

1. Paying up front fees with no moles caught and no refund! 

2. A mole catcher charging for each mole caught, and the client thinking this means all moles will be fully eradicated!

3. A mole catcher claiming moles have been caught but unable to provide evidence!

4. No goodwill post completion guarantee!

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